Concierge Medicine


What is Concierge Medicine?

EverVitalMD offers exclusive concierge medicine services to our VIP patients. This service is akin to having your own personal on-call doctor available to you and your family 24/7.

Benefits of Concierge Medicine

Our concierge medicine services offer same day appointments and complete care including primary care, executive physicals and 24/7 physician access! Here are additional benefits you and your family will enjoy:

  • individualized care plans
  • extended appointment times
  • accessibility while you travel
  • urgent care
  • team approach to care
  • wellness classes
  • lifestyle coaching
  • nutritional assessment

How to Get Started

EverVitalMD concierge medicine services are complete medicine, your way! To get started with our concierge medicine services, contact us by calling (704) 663-2091 to set up an initial consultation with a member of our team.

EverVitalMD Concierge Medicine

EverVitalMD’s unique approach to Concierge Medicine:

  • How we reverse disease, not treat symptoms.
  • Why we don’t take insurance.
  • Our typcial wait times to see a provider.
  • About our support team

Call us today at (704) 663-2091 to schedule your initial consultation and begin your journey to better health!