Gut Health

Gut HealthThe gastrointestinal (GI) system forms the very core of our bodies. So it’s understandable that many common complaints take root in the GI system and are among the leading reasons that patients seek health care. While common approaches may alleviate symptoms – such as occasional indigestion, occasional heartburn, abdominal cramping, urgent bowel movements, or occasional constipation – they may only temporarily mask the underlying issues and have potential adverse effects. 1 in 4 adults have stomach complaints that affect daily living.  And half of all adults have likely experienced one or more GI symptoms in the past 3 months.

As Functional Medicine providers, we strive to fix the root cause of the symptoms you are experiencing rather than simply medicate the symptoms.

The GI tract is a complex organ system easily influenced by factors such as microflora and microbial balance, digestive enzymes, or GI lining integrity.

  • Microflora, or “friendly” bacteria in the GI tract, play an important role in digestion, microbial balance, and immune function.
  • Digestive enzymes function to split proteins, carbohydrates, and fats, making them critical to adequate digestion of foods for proper nutrient absorption.
  • The GI mucosal lining, when healthy, provides a protective barrier to inhibit the flow of ingested matter to other parts of the body.

Addressing the appropriate underlying GI issues not only helps relieve digestive discomforts, it also supports many other aspects of long-term health.

What is leaky gut?

Leaky Gut” can contribute  to a whole host of medical concerns such as autoimmune diseases, Parkinsons, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, allergies, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and gastric ulcers.

Please watch this video that explains leaky gut and gut health by EverVitalMD Certified Functional Provider Karen Preston

Specialized Testing

Our providers utilize the most targeted testing available to create your personalized treatment plan:

Customized Wellness Programs will accompany your test results. Nutritionists are available to you and will assist you on developing individualized elimination and food rotation plans. Whether it be vegetarian, diabetic, celiac disease or any specific request, Alletess will tailor each program to meet your needs. It is the goal of our nutritionists to assist each patient in achieving their goals to reach their best health.

Do you suspect that your GI system is throwing off your health?