Longevity Medicine

Aging is a complex process that our bodies experience as we grow older. The process of aging involves every cell and organ to undergo a steady rate of deterioration.

At EvervitalMD, we use functional medicine and natural therapies to help patients deal with the issues related to aging. This includes identifying the root causes of your condition and putting an end to the issue at the source.

Our approach is an effective way to slow down the conditions associated with aging to help you live a healthy and long life. We try to help you enjoy a vibrant life free from future disorders by dealing with aging on a deeper level. At our clinic, we look at aging from an integrative and holistic point of view, including:

  • Lifestyle changes
  • Environmental changes
  • Health coaching
  • Chronic conditions management
  • Weight loss and nutritional support
  • Stress management

At EvervitalMD, Dr Woodward and his team believe in looking at each patient as a partner in health. We take what works in ‘traditional’ Western medicine with a holistic, patient-oriented approach seen in integrative and ‘alternative’ medicine to provide a new and science-based way to look at your own health.


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