Medical Weight Loss

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EverVitalMD combines safe, effective and proven medical weight loss methods that are personalized to you. We will work with you to create a specialized nutrition and exercise plan to help support you to reach your health goals! Our coaches will teach you how to shop, how to cook, and how to monitor your intake. Most importantly they will encourage you and hold you accountable to your behaviors. EverVitalMD also offers many class options to their program patients. Dr. Woodward and his team teach classes focusing on behavior modification, leaky gut, hormones, inflammation reduction, and how to navigate the grocery aisles.

Once you become a patient of EverVitalMD, you receive highly personalized attention. Your weight loss experience is physician supervised as well. Our team will implement an individualized plan for you that will include coaching, weekly accountability sessions, scientifically formulated supplements, a multi-phased nutrition plan, exercise regimen, education and an extensive support system to help you achieve your desired weight loss goals safely and effectively.

Commit to Be Fit

If I asked you to eat 35 servings of fruits and vegetables and burn 2100-2800 calories from focused exercise for a week to better your health, would you do it? Our Commit to Be Fit group will commit to meet those goals all week. Each week we will share your numbers and talk about challenges and goals. Dr. Woodward and Corrine Lewis will speak about behavior modification, goal setting, meal planning and offer support to meet your goals!  We can’t wait to see how intentional you have worked at your health, how great you feel and for you to see the results on the scale. Contact us today for our group weight loss schedule.

Better health for you begins now! Get started with EverVitalMD by contacting us to schedule an initial health and wellness consultation and let us personalize a health plan just for you!

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine is a very personal way to approach medical care. It deals with finding the root cause of chronic disease rather than naming a disease and treating your symptoms with medications. Functional Medicine focuses on the treatment of the person rather than the disease and also offers a team approach between doctor and patient. Click below to read further on EverVitalMD's approach to functional medicine and how it can benefit you!

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