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John Woodward, MD, MS

John Woodward, MD, MS

  • American Board of Family Physicians
  • American Board of Integrative and Holistic Medicine
  • Fellowship Trained in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine
  • Master of Science of Exercise Science and Cardiac Rehabilitation

Dr. John Woodward defines the term “health” as the optimal state of well being where all faculties and senses are alive and functioning at their peak. By defining health by our terms, health means much more than just the absence of symptoms or disease. Dr. Woodward’s passion for health began early as a young athlete. This passion led to a career as a wellness coach and personal trainer while completing his Masters Degree in Cardiac Rehab and Exercise Physiology at Northeastern IL University. He worked in clinical research before attending Medical School at Medical University of the Americas and his residency at the University of Illinois School of Medicine. His passion for nutrition and wellness continued as he trained other physicians and the community about the importance of nutrition and exercise. He has spoken on various topics such as Nutrition and Wellness, Gut Health, Hormone Management, Optimal Wellness and his favorite class: Behaviors for Success. Dr. Woodward has merged two different types of medicine over the past 18 years. He continues to save lives in a busy Emergency Room setting and is passionate about giving patients their life back at EverVitalMD. He opened his first Functional Medicine clinic in Illinois in 2013 and opened the current location in Mooresville, NC in February of 2014.

Dr. Woodward uses an integrative approach to treat various conditions by merging conventional medicine and evidence based alternative treatments. Dr. Woodward and his team work together to create a specialized plan for each client with optimal health being the goal.

He is certified by the American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine, American Board of Integrative and Holistic Medicine, American Academy of Family Physicians and is trained by the Institute of Functional Medicine and the American College of Sports Medicine.

Karen E. Preston, FNP-BC

Karen E. Preston, FNP-BC

  • American Association of Nurse Practitioners
  • Institute of Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner
  • Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner
  • MSN, University of Pennsylvania, summa cum laude

Karen Preston approaches the health and wellness of her patients through the encompassing lens of Functional Medicine – an evidence-based, systems biology medicine that takes into account deficiencies or disruptions that can lead to dysfunction and drive disease.

Karen’s background in family medicine with extensive training in Functional Medicine creates an opportunity for her patients to experience personalized medicine and get to the root cause of chronic disease where changes can be made to help restore health and well being. Ultimately, Karen seeks to empower her patients with the knowledge and know-how to achieve optimal wellness.

Karen’s work outside patient care has included teaching at the University of Pennsylvania, medical journal article publications, and lecturing on such topics as: the gut microbiome; farm and food as medicine; and detoxifying in a toxic world. Through her partnerships with patients, education efforts, writing and research, Karen seeks to not only restore wellness at the individual level but within the community at large.

Karen earned her MSN from the University of Pennsylvania, along with her BSN in Nursing from George Mason University, and BA in Sociology from Bryn Mawr College. For more than 14 years, Karen has enjoyed the immense rewards of working with individuals and families in the health and wellness field.

Karen is a member of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, IFM Certified Medicine Practitioner, Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, MSN, University of Pennsylvania, summa cum laude.

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