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Karla T.

This will be the best medical experience of your life. Dr John and his staff are caring and compassionate. If he doesn’t have an answer, he will find an answer through his network of physicians.

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Rob R.

He is as professional as they come and he always takes a conservative yet through approach in his method of treatment. I receive regular blood draws there and believe me his phlebotomist is the best!! She makes the entire experience seem so easy. Evervital is a class act from top to bottom. Everyone there is positive, upbeat and professional. You have piece of mind knowing they have your best interest and health as there number one priority.

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Tommy R.

Best place in the world to go see the Doctor!! Best staff and best Doctor ever!!

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Peggy K.

Special Thank You to Dr. Woodward and his team at Evervital MD. The commit to be fit program jumpstarted us this year into taking overall better care of ourselves. We sleep better, eat better and look and feel better now that we have our inflammation and sugar under control, I have lost 53lbs and counting. My pickleball game has improved greatly and I am now an avid kayaker and doing my best to learn paddleboarding. Corrine is an amazing nutritional advisor and we appreciate her feedback and follow up. She is always there to provide an encouraging word as well as some tough love when that is needed as well. Karen is brilliant and is able to explain complex bodily processes in a way I can understand and benefit. The entire team is genuine, they want to help you reach your goals and improve your overall health and they are always at the ready when I need supplements, documents, compliments, you name it. I truly believe my life has been improved and taken a permanent turn on a better path by coming across the good folks at Evervital.
Peggy King

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Staci I.

Dr Woodward has helped me optimize my health & helping me control my BP more naturally through diet changes. He is very knowledgeable and really cares about his patients. The staff is also always so helpful & friendly. Highly recommend going to see Dr John! He is very conservative in his approach & very ethical.

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Carson L.

By going here I found out what to cut from my current eating habits! It's been one month since my appointment and I feel 30 times better and have cut out unnecessary fat and built muscle. Highly recommend!