My husband was initially a functional membership patient with Dr. Woodward. He had health issues for 5 years that effected all aspects of life. No other doctors or tests could conclude why he was ill. After a short period of time, Dr. Woodward had found the answers and started a plan which ultimately eliminated those symptoms that he had struggled with for too many years. Dr. Woodward is his Hero!

Not long after that, I also became Dr. Woodward’s patient. I had concerns about my past cancer history, my family’s heart and Alzheimers history and gut health. And of course, he continues to help and guide me through solutions for these concerns.

We know first hand that Dr. Woodward is like no other doctor that we have ever had. His caring compassion, kindness, integrity, sincerity, wealth of knowledge and the unlimited time that he always has for his patients is why we proudly call him our Doc and friend. This is unfortunately very difficult to find in most physicians today. And this is why we share our experience that we have had with EverVitalMD with our family and friends.

My husband & I had made the statement on several occasions – “I sure wish Dr. Woodward could be our primary care doctor.” Well our wish came true! We like that EverVital’s Concierge plan gives us contact with him personally 24-7 whether we need to just discuss with him a concern, a question or what we should do if we are sick. We can contact him by phone, text or portal and we are assured that we will be hearing from Doc. The Concierge plan provides a comprehensive annual physical which our PCP never performed for us and two fitness evaluations which have been very informative for us. We learned even more about what we need to do physically to improve our overall health. Nutrition is so very important to maintain.

A healthy lifestyle and his nutritionist, Corinne is very helpful in guiding you through the process which could be difficult without her. The 20% discount of supplements is also a big plus to this plan.

To be able to have confidence and trust in your primary doctor and his entire staff is priceless. We are so grateful that we found EverVitalMD two years ago.

N.B. Mooresville, NC

I came to Dr. Woodward/EverVitalMD after seeing the remarkable success that a family member had with his practice. I knew that I was on a bad track with my life and health, and could only foresee a future where my symptoms would continue to get worse, and be treated with more medications. I have loved the integrative-functional medicine approach to solving my problems because the whole body is treated and not just symptoms! Since coming to Dr. Woodward, I can say that I feel better in general. With his recommendations, I have corrected imbalances in my system, my moods are more stable, and I’ve lost weight. I would highly recommend Dr. Woodward and EverVitalMD. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of his field, and is a very calm and calming presence when you work with him. In addition, his Staff is wonderful, and they all work together to help his patients through the process.


EverVitalMD has been a life changing experience for me. They taught me what foods I need to be eating and what not to be eating. As a result I lost 12 lbs in 6 weeks. I have kept it off. Not only that, I have learned so much about proper nutrition for my body. My stomach aches have diminished and my digestive system is back on track. Corrine and Karen have been instrumental in this process. The staff at EverVitalMD are wonderful, too. I highly recommend EverVitalMD. If you want more energy and to feel great this program is for you! M.S. Mooresville, NC

My wife and I have been concierge customers with EverVitalMD for almost a year and I think that we’ve received good value for our money. Dr Woodward is easy to contact. If I have a concern, I send him a text and I get a quick reply. I have a Doctor that knows me and my history and I can reach him just by sending a text, that’s important to me.

I had to have surgery in late 2018 but I was uncomfortable with the local surgeon so I asked Dr. Woodward if he had any recommendations for a second opinion. He reached out to his contacts and came back with the name of a surgeon at Wake Forest Baptist Health and it was a much better experience.

I like the proactive way that his team approaches health and appreciate the guidance we receive. We are planning on staying concierge customers with EverVitalMD and would enthusiastically recommend EverVitalMD to anyone that wants to maintain and improve their health for as long as possible.

Chris and Theresa J. Mooresville, NC

I have felt so much better since I started on the pellets. From my energy level to my sex life!! I have been married 35 yrs and we are loving it. My body lets me know when its time to call Dr. John!! He has turned my life around!!


By going to EverVitalMD I found out what to cut from my current eating habits! It’s been one month since my appointment and I feel 30 times better and have cut out unnecessary fats and built muscle. I have lost 7lbs in a month and am back to a healthy weight for my height. My mood is visibly improved and I no longer feel as stressed. As for my anxiety, it hasn’t even crossed my mind (which is a great thing!!!). I can feel mental and physical improvements for sure. I have a completely new lifestyle (even after one month!) and it’s easy to maintain. Highly recommend!

Carson L.

Thank you to Dr Woodward and his team for changing the way I view my health. Getting involved with EverVitalMD and your health coach Joel was one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life! Life is much healthier and happier because of it.  Thanks for all you do!

Vicki M.

You may be wondering, how did I come to learn about Dr. Woodward? In June of 2014 a health magazine was left in my workplace in which Dr. Woodward had placed an ad. Two weeks later, the same magazine was left and Dr. Woodward was the feature article. My family and I had suspected for some time that I could possibly have more food allergies than we were aware of. From the time of birth I was allergic to milk and in 2009 knew that I had sensitivities to both corn and gluten. So, as a consumer, I began doing internet research as to what a derivative or hidden source of these foods could be. For example, Modified Food Starch can be derived from wheat, corn, or potato. But, something was still missing. Fast forward to January 2014 where this journey continued. I was offered my first job in 6 years, working for a local donut shop. By March I had developed styes in both eyes. From March to June I continued to: be treated for styes, have continual loss of vision using 3.0 magnifiers and zooming the computer to 400%! At the end of June an appointment was set up and allergy testing done in early July. Two weeks later the results were in and I had tested positive for 53 food allergies! Also, during this time I was diagnosed as being LEGALLY BLIND! Within three weeks of removing the offending allergens, my sight has returned! It’s amazing how healthy food is not healthy for everyone. By doing what seems to be the smallest thing can have the biggest impact on your health. Thank you, Dr. Woodward, and Staff!

Rachel L.

I have been living with JRA and RA for over 20 years. Since I am 35 years old, I refuse to let it slow me down. My arthritis seemed worse after moving to NC April 2013. Since my symptoms worsened, my rheumatologist wanted to add more prescription drugs to my regimen. In voicing my concern to John, he told me there were other ways to make me feel better. John completed my blood work and provided many supplement and diet suggestions from the results. I am happy to say, after changing my diet and adding needed supplements, I have never felt better. Now, I am on a different, lower dose prescription. I have more energy and am physically able to do more of the activities I love. John and Erin are always there whenever I have a question. I would refer them to anybody wanting to improve their health and life in general.

Nicole L.

Coming out of law school and the intensity of consistent, brutal training in combat sports – my body was exhausted. My adrenals were not producing properly, stress levels physically and mentally were through the roof, testosterone down to geriatric levels and many other issues plagued my daily functionality. I spoke with Dr. Woodward about consistently feeling mentally and physically drained, not sexually motivated and generally feeling less than manly. After Doc pulled my blood he pinpointed my many issues. Since then I have been a part of Dr. Woodward’s clinic and I have NEVER felt this great. Mentally sharper than ever before, I now make a split second decision and if challenged on it I have already thoroughly thought through everything that led me to my answer without even realizing I had already played every angle out in my mind. I sleep better and wake up daily energized ready to attack the day. I don’t second guess my decisions, I don’t hesitate and wonder about unimportant things.Physically I am getting back into shape better than before and I am performing sexually better. You only have to thank Doc for saving you from a $100,000.00 heart attack/stroke.

Steve G.

Dr. Woodward’s approach to medicine is focused on prevention and not just on treating a sickness. He emphasizes the importance of a good diet, gut health and physical fitness. In his office there are often conducted classes that address different aspects of overall well being and everyone is invited to attend it. We can contact Dr. Woodward directly through his personal email and his response is fast and direct. We are very impressed with the whole facility and the caring staff and friendly attitude and smiles. A very reasonable monthly fee includes unlimited visits to see your doctor and there are great discounts on procedures, vitamins and supplements. Would highly recommend to anyone who would like to feel their best. Alicja and Les K. Charlotte, NC

It seems all my life I’ve struggled to lose weight, no matter what I did, I just kept gaining. I have been on thyroid meds and also meds for blood pressure, collateral, and acid reflux. One day I was on facebook and my sister who is in another state posted a picture of her haircut. It was cute but she had gained so much weight it scared me. I didn’t want to be that heavy. I am only 5ft and was already over 200lb. I received a flyer in the mail for a free dinner at a restaurant I wanted to try. It was a seminar on Thyroid and Diabetes. I asked one of my friends to go since she was battling both. I learned a little on T3 an T4 and wanted to do something about my weight. Dr. Woodward, who was doing the seminar, invited whomever wanted to change their lifestyle of eating habits and go toxin free to the 9-month course. So, my girlfriend and I did. I was given a coach (Joel) who called once a week to go over my progress and give me a new challenge for the next week. I learned through Dr. Woodward and his group what I needed to stay away from and what was ok to eat. I met a lot of people going through it as well. They supply me with help and encouragement to move forward to my goal. In 10 months, I am down 55 lbs. And off all my meds except my thyroid. I will not go back to that toxin way again.Thank you EverVitalMD!


EverVitalMD provides an elite group of specialists who have made a major impact on my health since I joined this past summer. I was dealing with a chronic cough, shortness of breath, and wheezing for about 3 years prior to my visit. Since then, not only have my symptoms depleted, I also lost 25 pounds since August 14th, 2017. I would encourage anyone who is dealing with food sensitivities, weight and lifestyle management, or seeking proper education on nutrition to invest in this talented, passionate, and kind-hearted group of individuals as they will help you like they helped me. Thank you EverVitalMD!

Nicholas L.

I can’t get over how I pulled this off on biz travel, it’s the will and getting my mind prepared for it. Doesn’t matter now, it’s done and so many compliments from the company in how I looked and color is very good. I dropped the 20 lbs. mostly since rowing, some of this from detoxing.There are reasons for everything that happens so thank you so much for crossing my path. Working towards feeling like the million dollar man!

Don K.

Thanks to Dr. John and his staff I have lost over 75 lbs. and feel better than I have in many years. After following the elimination diet and making the lifestyle changes, I haven’t even had to get allergy shots for the first time in a very long time.

Becky C.

Houston, we have successful docking to the mothership! X-rays at Iowa City have just shown successful healing of bone. No restrictions, with some physical therapy and any other exercise to fully rehabilitate as much as possible. Thanks for your assistance during this first huge part of the healing process!

Pam M.

I couldn’t figure out why some of my friends aged more graceful than me and after some research I found out its largely a decision. Dr. John and EverVitalMD have all my friends now wondering the same thing I used too. I feel and look 10 years younger, but my mental sharpness is the most beneficial change. Looking healthy is a choice not a inherited genetic gift. I tell everybody about my positive experience and the many other success stories I continue to see daily.

Tom D.

I hit a wall with the medical specialists about my auto-immune issues and EverVitalMD has turned my life around. Their compassion and thoroughness goes beyond purely medical care!  They provide a level of care not seen in the medical field.

I have revisited my medical specialists and been asked “What the hell have you done?!” I have been able to optimize the functions of my damaged organs to the best they will be through the EverVitalMD program. 

Dr. Woodward never intends to replace your current doctors, but works alongside them to help you reach your goals and I found all my doctors were very excited about the program! If you have hit that wall and are ready to move on, EverVitalMD is the way to go!

Ann J.

We are performing in a world with lots of younger people in their 20’s – 40’s who are very driven and focused on their music. This is a world where one has to hit the right note, at the exact moment and in the right way. Your/our program gives us an edge, physically and emotionally to hold our our in this kind of landscape … and this is only one example. Something that is hard to measure is “a somewhat renewed view of our self image” … sure can’t argue with our clothes fitting better. As we waver a bit now and then, and watch the weight scale start to increase, we know we have our game plan to keep us on track.

We have a lot of people who have asked about what we are doing due to obvious weight loss and subtle differences in both Deb and me. Deb gets many opportunities to sit and talk with people about this. What she is finding … sometimes, is that for some, the idea of eliminating white flour, chemicals, preservatives, sugars, soda pop, etc. is alien for a lot of people who yet, want to look and feel better. Deb and Bill

When I began this journey, I was obese and pre-diabetic. I slept sitting up because of my acid reflux and suffered from plantar fasciitis for over 2 years. Now five months later, I am at peace with food for the first time in my life! Also for the first time in my life, I know I can reach my goal weight and maintain it. I have more energy than I have had in 19 years. I have lost 43 pounds in these five months and I have gained confidence. I no longer have acid reflux and can sleep lying flat. I am no longer pre-diabetic. I no longer have sugar fluctuations and I have no more food cravings for sweets! My plantar fasciitis was 100% better a week after I started eliminating my sensitive foods and now 5 months later, it is almost gone. The EverVitalMD Team is always there for you. You can reach out to them to answer questions and for support and guidance. The classes are crucial for meeting other people trying to change their lifestyles, for eating and health tips and for staying on track. Without this support, I couldn’t have changed my life so drastically! I was heading down a path of obesity, diabetes and physical limitations and now I have reclaimed the energetic, happy, athletic person that has always been inside of me! T. Jones