What is Functional Medicine?

functional medicineFunctional Medicine is a very personal way to approach medical care. It deals with finding the root cause of chronic disease rather than naming a disease and treating your symptoms with medications. Functional Medicine focuses on the treatment of the person rather than the disease and also offers a team approach between doctor and patient. Patients are then accountable for lifestyle changes and following their plan of care. During treatment, your physician will have an in-depth conversation with you, order targeted labs, review your patient history and develop a customized plan of action. Our health coaches at EverVitalMD are also an integral part of your success. They will help you navigate your new lifestyle and lead you toward the path of optimal wellness and disease reversal.

Functional Medicine utilizes the most up to date evidence based information to diagnose early abnormalities that could eventually lead to chronic illness.

Functional Medicine utilizes nutritional changes, supplementation and exercise rather than just another pill for your ill. Often times prescription medication can lead to worsening conditions and side effects. Functional Medicine is the balance of the best parts of conventional medicine merged with evidence based holistic approaches to care.

Chronic disease is typically a slow progression to poor health.  Examples of chronic disease are diabetes, heart disease, thyroid disorders, autoimmune disorders and obesity related conditions. Chronic diseases are on the rise due to the physical, emotional, and mental effects of stress to our bodies. Standard American Diet, a toxic environment, drugs, sedentary lifestyles, high stress professions and lack of sleep are all stressors on our body that can lead to chronic disease.


Functional Medicine works to prevent the onset of chronic disease as well as reverse the damage done from chronic disease.


By finding the root cause of a disease, progression can be slowed or even stopped in its tracks. Inflammation is the root cause for many conditions. This can be addressed through diet changes, toxin reduction and targeted supplementation. Nutritional deficiencies can be corrected to increase energy, find restful sleep, decrease anxiety, improve depressive symptoms and lead to overall lifestyle improvement.  It is quite a simple concept, really. If you prevent disease states from developing then you save yourself from treating chronic conditions down the road. This approach is much different than treating the  signs or symptoms of disease with drugs that increase side effects and often times only look at the numbers (i.e. Cholesterol numbers, thyroid numbers etc.).


Functional Medicine treats your body as a whole and addresses each facet of your life while increasing your quality of life.

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